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Kar Kar has been a professional redemption center for many years. There are three redemption locations in Hong Kong, located in Wan Chai, Mong Kok and Kwai Chung. More than 30 customer service specialists in the team handle more than 4,000 gift redemption services through various means each day. We also set up a professional customer hotline center for the convenience of customers to contact us via hotline, SMS, email, website, WhatsApp, Facebook, and WeChat.
1. Provide customers with order information
2. We offer diversified redemption methods, such as redemption coupons, SMS text messages, redemption letters, coupons, etc.
3. Log in remotely to check the redemption records anytime and anywhere, so that merchants can more effectively determine the delivery quantity of goods
4. Reliable and easy-to-manage inventory
5. Specified report format
Each Kar Kar Redemption Center has a "device testing area" and provides free WIFI, power supply, plugs, and tools for customers to test the products instantly. There is also a "product repackaging self-service area", allowing customers to repack the products after testing. There are also displays of gift samples in the redemption center for customers' reference and trial
Our professional technical support team will provide customers with the most comprehensive, professional and fastest support services, including advising on product manual and functions and answering customersˇ¦ basic questions about the gifts. We can also provide customers with intermediary services, recycling products that customer needs to repair/replace, and retrieve the products at the same spot
Kar Kar Redemption Center is the only gift redemption service center in Hong Kong that has obtained a license for frozen food or storage of goods. In order to meet the needs of different customers, refrigerators and freezers have been installed in all the gift redemption centers to facilitate customers to redeem frozen foods, such as seafood/mooncakes/turnip cakes/fruits/rice dumplings/seasonal foods, to ensure that the food is redeemed at the specified temperature to maintain food quality and taste
In order to provide customers with the most professional and distinguished services, we have specially set up a dedicated hotline to make it more convenient for customers to use our service and reduce their waiting time
Customers can dial the designated phone number to enter the IVR system, and enter the corresponding options or personal information according to the instructions of the system to listen to the corresponding pre-recorded messages and registration. The service can support simultaneous access of multiple lines and operates 24 hours a day. Its data is stored securely and independently and reports will be provided to customers regularly
1. Self-help telephone enquiry service
2. Event registration
3. Survey/questionnaire
4. Pre-order service
5. Customer service hotline
6. Various raffle programmes
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