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We have our own logistics team, serving more than 100,000 customers every month and providing home delivery services. Each of our logistics specialists needs to wear company uniforms and deliver goods to customers in a door-to-door manner as quickly as possible to ensure professional and rapid delivery. In addition, we also provide various kinds of comprehensive services
Comprehensive services include:
1. Dismantling and distribution
2. Courier and delivery
3. Home delivery
4. Home installation
5. Confirm receipt
6. Express delivery

We can also provide customers with Happy Call service**.
**Happy Call: our CS staff will call customers within 7 days of delivery to understand their use of the products
Want to be an e-commerce user? Want to reduce costs? Want to have someone to take care of the warehouse and logistics? Kar Kar Enterprise Storage provides one-stop storage management services for large, medium and small-sized enterprises

We have a warehouse of more than 50,000 square feet. Customers can choose to store goods/redeem gifts in our warehouse. This can effectively reduce product transportation and storage costs. In addition, the warehouse is equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and anti-theft system to ensure that customersˇ¦ property is protected Our services include:
1. Storage rental (short, medium or long term)
2. Cargo storage and management
3. Single item delivery
4. Local delivery/home delivery
5. Call Center, PABX & IVRS
6. Container demolition
ˇ§Kar Kar Enterprise Storageˇ¨ Business hours:
Mon-Fri: 0900-1800
Sat: 0900-1300
Sun & Public holiday: Closed
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