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As the largest redemption center in Hong Kong, with a daily flow of more than thousands of people, customers can use our redemption centers to bring more opportunities for product and brand exposure. In addition, through our O2O marketing, we help our customers to achieve better sales results with the widespread use of the Internet and mobile phones
Kar Kar Redemption Center is equipped with a number of 55-inch large TVs, advertising display boards and a sizable transportation fleet, which continuously broadcast advertisements or product information for valued customers
Flyer/sample distribution Customer service zone
Cubic showcase display On-site consignment
We assist different customers in digital marketing services from planning, execution, promotion and sales
Product photography, leaflet, POP, web user interface, Facebook /IG design, and Video production
1. Media promotion cooperation (We have long-term cooperation with many media, whether online or offline, and can customize and implement plans for customers according to market needs, including Facebook promotion, quiz games, competitions, lucky draw, sample distribution, exhibitions and large-scale sales and brandˇ¦s cross-over promotional activities, etc.)

2. Government license application: handle the process of applying for government licenses and fill out the application forms for clients

3. Promotion and participant registration: Promotion for customer activities, registration via hotline and WhatsApp, data collection and statistics

4. Announcement of results: our professional team manages customer data at backend, arranges newspapers and online announcement of the winners and informs the winners by particular personnel. We can also arrange redemption at Kar Kar Redemption Center and provide merchants with a comprehensive report for each project
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